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    • Marie helped me find a home to rent. I have a large dog which made it somewhat difficult but she was able to put me on an email list to only receive listings that would allow dogs. She was professional and helpful. I would recommend her....Read More


    • Would highly recommend. She goes the extra mile for her customers! If you need a committed realtor, she's the one! I was very picky about where I wanted to love and she helped me find the perfect home....Read More


    • Marie is a professional and knows the markets well. She is a detail oriented person and is always on top of her transactions. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in selling or buying a home....Read More


    • Marie helped sell our home, as well as purchase another. She is a thorough professional who stays on top of her transactions. Without her help, this would have taken much longer and been much more difficult. Thanks to Marie, it went as smooth as it could....Read More


    • Marie went above and beyond our expectations. She helped us find a home with all our needs and was available every time we contacted her. She made us feel like comfortable and took the time needed to assist us....Read More

      Kyle Gerardi